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Property Management

We feature 1, 2, 3 & 5 year Association Maintenance Agreements Simply choose the terms and duration of an agreement that is right for your needs.
New Roofs – Make us your choice for the installation of your new roof! We offer a number of systems and materials, allowing you to choose cost-efficient asphalt shingles or upgrade to stone-coated steel (also solar panel systems installations). Providing options allows us to tailor your roofing system to your preferences, whether your primary concern is overall appearance or general maintenance.
Roof Repair – As properties are exposed to the elements over the years, leaks, cracks and damage are inevitable. Whether it is minor or major problems, McCormack Roofing, Construction & Energy Solutions can assess your roof’s condition and complete the necessary repairs in a timely fashion.
Seamless Aluminum Gutters and Skylights – Incorporating a skylight into your new roof is a great option for those looking for a green alternative to electricity and will allow you to experience the benefits of natural sunlight in any of your properties.
Carpentry – (including balconies, porches, fascia & dry rot) Left untreated; dry rot can lead to more complicated problems with your roof, floors and framing in the future. McCormack conducts thorough examinations for dry rot, and not only removes but repairs the damage.
Roof and Gutter Cleaning – Why allow leaves and other debris to take up free residence at your properties? Start your spring cleaning from the outside in by allowing McCormack to tidy up the dirt and grime.
All-exterior Roofing Maintenance – Whether you’re unsure if your roof has a problem or have a question about improving the appearance, safety or damage of your roof, McCormack has the answers you need.

Mike Duby Vice President of Operations
Jana Almazan Office Manager & Production Manager
Chris Maxey General Manager
Luis Garcia Construction Manager

Property Management Division Mission Statement

  • To become the most respected roofing, weather proofing, and Construction Company in the industry, working with property management companies.
  • We will do this by working diligently to achieve the following principles.
  • To create a feeling of Trustworthiness, Competency, Integrity and Value amongst all property managers
  • To provide the highest levels of quality Workmanship, Expertise, and Competent consulting with all of our property managers
  • To make each Property Managers job easier and less stressful
  • To treat each property managers associations with the utmost care for their properties, homeowners, and board members
  • To promote a feeling in all associations that they appreciate, respect, and compliment the property management companies that serve them
  • To have the most efficient response time on bid/proposals, repair work, and emergency service in the industry
  • To become the “Household Name” within all property management companies offering services for all building maintenance needs
  • To provide honest appraisals of all work to be completed
  • To provide outstanding Service, Administration, and Production for the Best Value
  • To create a Positive, Enjoyable, and Abundant work place for all our associates and team members
  • To help serve our communities in any way possible
  • To give 1% from all profits to the property manager’s charity of choice

Thank you for giving us the opportunity of serving you!

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