Repair & Maintenance

Our repair & maintenance division can repair any roof

Roof Repair or Maintenance?

If you’re not in the market for a new roof we can help serve your immediate needs with our repair & maintenance division to repair any roof you have now whether it’s sloped, flat, or low pitched.

Maybe you have an existing concrete tile roof and it’s looking old, dingy, and dirty or has mold/mildew growing all over it. We can power wash your roof and use our four stars custom coating process to clean; seal, double coat, and seal your tiles with any color of your choice.

We can also repair any dry rotten wood or termite damaged wood on the exterior of your home. Most of the time we can help repair or maintain anything to do with the outside of your home. Ask about our prepaid home maintenance plan; you’ll never have to worry about the outside of your home again.

repair and maintenance
repair and maintenance

Thank you for giving us the opportunity of serving you!

Right now you can save up to $1,000.00 on any roofing systems, door & window systems, solar panel system installations, or painting/coating products

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