Solar Panel Installations

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Energy-saving solar panel installations for homes and businesses.

Instead of another contractor, why not let McCormack Roofing, Construction & Energy Solutions handle your solar energy needs? That way you can be assured of getting the latest solar technology, knowledgeable professionals, excellent customer service and a fair, reasonable price. McCormack Roofing, Construction & Energy Solutions has been an early proponent of energy-saving solar panel installations for homes and businesses.

Solar is a natural addition for McCormack since these solar panel installations are designed and required to integrate properly with the roofing system. It is a major benefit to have a contractor who is expert in not only roofing systems, but also in solar technology who can design and integrate the entire system to provide the optimum benefits to you. McCormack is a specialty contractor that warranties both systems and therefore avoids the pitfalls of unsuitable installations.

Solar Panel Roofing Installations

From the smallest, simple home system to the largest commercial application, McCormack’s expert staff can provide all the assistance you will require to bring the benefits of solar energy to you. You can be assured that each solar panel system will be installed with the highest quality workmanship to provide many years of trouble free energy savings.

As an added benefit, we can assist you with all the information you will need to take maximum advantage of any tax credit or rebate which help to offset a significant portion of the investment. Let McCormack’s solar division design a solar panel installation to your specific needs and lifestyle, providing maximum performance for your investment.

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Right now you can save up to $1,000.00 on any roofing systems, door & window systems, solar panel system installations, or painting/coating products

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